Man Meets Moose

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This is a guest post by my neighbor, Bob Streeter.

I spent a good part of last Friday in our main vegetable garden behind Bill and Frannie’s house. It sits on a flat-topped knoll which falls away with beautiful views all around, from nearby pastures to faraway hills and mountains. I was on my knees in the dirt when a large moose came trotting up the knoll to the garden’s edge, only 25 feet away. My first worry was the glass-covered cold frames she touched with her nose, but she ambled away from the danger and stopped within 15 feet of me.

I slowly stood up, taking note of her NBA height. I am 6’4″ and was looking up at her. Three more steps and I could have scratched her chin. I talked to her quietly for at least five minutes, then she slowly circled away and came right back. Her demeanor was calm and non-threatening.

Beautiful isn’t quite the right word for this or any moose. She was, however, magnificent. And after at least another five minutes of gardening chit chat she walked slowly down the knoll and crossed Pease Hill Road, perhaps heading for another Tamworth garden near you. Tell her she made my day.

Photo by Matt Hintsa
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