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October 2010

Sometimes there is no advice to offer, no story to tell, no getting anywhere, becoming, explaining, doing.  Just this moment, present with what is arising, listening to the whole thing, the movement of thoughts, of the weather outside, not fulfilling any of the little desperate acts to drive our life on to where we think [...]

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It is all well and good asking for what we need.  But what if we don’t know what we need? What if we’ve never known what we need? What if we are a ball of confusion and angst most of the time? What then? The Lying on the Floor Recipe: One Floor. Then we lie [...]


We all have needs. We need food, water, shelter, community, communication, rest, exercise and that is just the beginning of what we ask for to live a healthy, integrated life. Our needs are always in flux depending on the time of day and time of life we are in. Many of us may recognize we [...]


1. First, I failed at living up to all my ideas of how I thought I should be. 2. Second, I failed to live up to everyone else’s  ideas of how they thought I should be. 3. Then I suffered. 4. Immediately I repeated the first three steps over and over again. 5. Then I [...]


Fall is here.  I sat this morning looking out the window at the bluest sky interrupted only by the electric oranges and reds of the Maple trees in the yard. After a number of months of my attention being focused on family and celebration and then two or three weeks of recovery from all of [...]