My Website is Getting a Makeover and Other News

Osprey with Fish

Fall is here.  I sat this morning looking out the window at the bluest sky interrupted only by the electric oranges and reds of the Maple trees in the yard. After a number of months of my attention being focused on family and celebration and then two or three weeks of recovery from all of this, I am now returning to my own quiet life and projects.

The first of these projects is to reorganize and revitalize this blog and website.  October 12 will be its seven month anniversary and thus it seems time to give it the opportunity to advance to a new developmental stage: such as rolling over and sitting up. I am blessed in my life in many ways, including having such a committed blog readership, but for this project to have long term potential it is time for me to see if I (with lots of help) can broaden its reach.

In Other News

I said a month or so back that I’d be teaching regular classes in Vermont this fall.  As it turns out I’ll be teaching Restorative Listening once a month in Montpelier, and I’ll be teaching the workshop The Art of Collapse: Building Strength and Acceptance in Difficult Times on November 6  in Montpelier, but this is all that is now scheduled in Vermont.  I’ll also be teaching Yoga/Movement at the Town House, in Tamworth, New Hampshire on Tuesday evenings.

Last month I had an article published in Vermont Commons, an independent bi-monthly newspaper. I wrote about my own personal experience with long term physical collapse and how this has offered me opportunities relevant and important for facing broader societal, economic, and environmental collapse. The article is called, “Collapse Now — And Beat the Rush” and you can read it by clicking here.  I’m really excited about The Art of Collapse workshop as well and hope you will come or spread the word about it.

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of visiting Twin Pond Retreat and meeting Jennifer Steckler, who lovingly runs the place. She showed me around the grounds and then we went and sat down by the secluded ponds.  While we were there a hawk circled and circled us flying very low over our heads.  The hawk carried a fish in its talons. This moment and sight was so exhilerating it has stayed with me these past few weeks and given me strength when I didn’t think I had any left.  The way both the hawk and fish body carried such direction and form, and seemed to have become one dynamic force in the sky.  I saw a fish fly!

Twin Ponds Retreat is an ideal place for taking time away from your full lives for rest and renewal and nourishment.  You can click on the link above to learn more about the place and its offerings.

It has been a pleasure these past weeks to be sharing excerpts from my someday maybe book Waking Up At Home, but I’m looking forward to writing and sharing brand new posts starting later this week.

And how are all of you doing as the season changes and the cool air rides in?

Photo by Mike Baird.

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