Not Fulfilling Any of the Little Desperate Acts

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Sometimes there is no advice to offer, no story to tell, no getting anywhere, becoming, explaining, doing.  Just this moment, present with what is arising, listening to the whole thing, the movement of thoughts, of the weather outside, not fulfilling any of the little desperate acts to drive our life on to where we think its going, what we think it needs.

Early morning here on the hill. Blanketed with wet cloud cover. Rain patterns sound on the metal roof, a song of autumn.  Flashes of fire still hold to the leaves, but now mostly the orange embers slowly burn out on the ground. Dried leaves under foot.  Yesterday the sun shone, sky an arc of blue and it was hot.  It probably hit seventy. We opened up the storm windows we’d already closed for the season. I planted garlic in the garden, cleaned in the shed.  My garden is at rest.  I love looking at her out there, cut back, bare ground, settling in to the long quiet that awaits her under cover of mulch and snow.  Still a few flowers bloom in the side beds—purple cosmos, calendula—bright as the sun.

Each moment arising, present in its isness, and then turning to be the next moment. We don’t know what will unfold next. We don’t know how the course of our own lives will turn. But we see the patterns in nature, the pattern in seasons, we watch the wild turkeys take a turn around the yard.  The clouds lift just a little, enough for the last leaves on the trees at the edge of the field to glow.

Upcoming Classes
Saturday, November 6, Montpelier, Vermont. The Art of Collapse: Building Strength and Acceptance in Difficult Times. Come lie on the floor with us, inquire into your life, be in good company.

Sunday, November 7, Montpelier, Vermont. Restorative Listening. Combining restorative yoga poses with guided inquiry. Let your body unfold its innate knowing and healing.

Tuesdays, Tamworth, New Hamshire. Gentle Yoga. Coming home to ourselves one breath and movement at a time.

What are you listening to today?

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