It Isn’t Effort That Makes Things Change, But Alignment

It isn’t effort

We put so much effort into getting by, into figuring out ourselves and others. We scheme and plan and fantasize about how we can make it to that place beyond the horizon where life will be easier. We make drastic proclamations about what we’ll never do again (fall in love with the unavailable men) and what others have to do to show us they love us (clean up their dirty laundry off the floor).

but alignment

After practicing yoga this morning I lay in a pool of sun and listened to Tracy Chapman. Finally rest settling deep under my skin. “Don’t you know, they’re talking about a revolution. It sounds like a whisper.”

that makes listening possible

In my limited experience true revolution doesn’t happen when we demand our way with ourselves or others. It begins in a quiet pool of sun when our soft hearts begin to stir and whisper the truth to us, and we listen. We listen to what is alive right here and it begins to blossom.

and aligns us to our deeper truth

Then when we get up and walk through the door of our lives the laundry may still be on the floor, we may still fall in love with the man (or woman) who can’t give us the attention we want and yet something is altogether different now.

and transforms our lives.

Our actions begin to come from another place within. We surprise ourselves. We watch our own revolution unfold, we see it manifest in the world and touch the ones we love, but it isn’t the outward change, but the inner whispering and listening that transforms us.

Photo by Anasomia.

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marlene November 4, 2010 at 5:28 pm

Hi Jasmine,
like this post! Very timely. Just last night i was working with a client (67 yr old male) whose head is forward (ears way in front of center shoulder) and i suggested that he begin to walk through life leading with his heart rather than his head, and slowly but surely his whole world will change. I can only know this because I now live in the joyous space that heart-centered living leads us to…i made the shift from head to heart…over a period of years…..It is so interesting how entwined body, mind and spirit are.
Hope you are well!


Jasmine November 5, 2010 at 10:01 am

I love how your suggestion to your client wasn’t just metaphorical but physical. How by actually shifting the way we move, what leads our movement, will shift our entire experience of life. I’m discovering more and more possibilities as I realize how I initiate my pre-movement and then notice what else is possible. How the heart can literally lead us, lead us into a new life of connection and love.

It pours with rain outside. Most of the leaves have fallen from the trees.

I’ve been thinking of you and will share more soon! I hope you are well.


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