$1200.00 to Spread The Girl Effect. Thank You. Soak it Up!

Look What We Created in the World Today

We raised at least $1200.00 in nine days to support girls in Bangladesh and spread The Girl Effect.  We did this by giving money, writing about it, talking about it, connecting, dreaming, and inspiring.

One might say this is just a drop in the bucket, but in fact it is a drop in the bucket. It is a drop in the bucket that will open doors and possibilities for many girls and their families in Bangladesh, give them support and safe spaces as well as access to loans to start small businesses, to get the cow of their dreams or to fulfill other dreams they have. We can all have full buckets if we keep catching all the rain that falls abundantly from the skies.

Sherie at BRACUSA will send me the final tally on donations in the next day or so. It has been a stunning week of energy, new friendships, and lifting my imagination out of poverty. If you are new here and want to follow the whole girl campaign from beginning to end scroll to the bottom of post for links.

Sometimes it is Hard to Let the Gratitude In

I remember when I was about sixteen how hard it was for me to receive any kind of compliment (or any attention for that matter). If someone said “Thank You” I’d cringe. If I saw a compliment coming from across the room I’d duck.  It isn’t that I didn’t want praise and love and acceptance, I did, more than anything else. But the discomfort that would arise within when someone singled me out to say “thank you” was palpable and I hated it.

A sweet and annoying friend that I looked up to, noticed my tendency to dismiss and cringe and duck whenever I saw a compliment coming and so, since he thought it was fun to see me squirm, he began a compliment campaign on me. He went on and on about how delicious the food I cooked tasted, how nice I looked, what smart things I had to say etc. etc. The more he laid it on the more I tried to hide, which of course only made him persist with greater enthusiasm.

Finally I realized the way to get him off my back was in fact to accept his attention and compliments. I would stand and let the whole praiseful words and energy come right to me. I’d graciously say “Thank You” and smile.  It was like standing on hot coals at first, but it became easier and easier and his compliments waned in their fervor now that he no longer got to see me squirm.

Receiving Thanks is a Gift to Ourselves and to Others

This was the beginning of learning that accepting the attention of others was in fact a gift to them.  When we give someone something: a present, a smile, a compliment, we WANT them to receive it, and when they don’t we are disappointed.   We want to feel the heart energy we put out into the world resonate back to us. When we were little most of us learned that it was polite to say “please” and “thank you” but not enough of us learned that it is also polite not just to say, “your welcome” but to mean it.

And better than just learning etiquette or realizing people liked it when I accepted their appreciation and compliments, I came in time to know the gift I was giving myself by receiving their offerings.  By letting the protective walls come down, I was able to let love come meet my heart. I was opening the door to being changed by the relationships I was part of—to actually being in relationship—an event where we give and receive, often at the same time.

Maybe we should have another day where we celebrate Thanksreceiving? Oh wait, it is all the same thing. Let the love in. Let the love out.

Please Accept My Gratitude For All Your Help With Our Girl Effect Campaign!

Really, soak it up.  Thank you.

My offers still stand through next Wednesday (December 1): 50% off Outside the Garden profits and Simple Clarity Coaching profits will go toward the girls in Bangladesh.

Okay, now on to other work and campaigns. In a few days I’ll share with you my next more personal challenge: LOVE.

What is your next campaign or challenge?

Photo of Thanksgiving Chapel from Schlüsselbein2007?s photostream.

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We raised $1200.00 to Spread The Girl Effect. Thank You. Soak it Up!

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