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The Girl Effect Campaign

Well, a couple weeks ago when I said in a post on this blog:

This girl has lungs. She wants to live not only in the deep way, she wants to live in the BIG way. She wants to spread her body wide across the landscape and shake them trees.  She wants to bang the pavement, knock on doors, meet new people, jump up and build her beautiful body out of the quiet collapse. She wants to be tall as a skyscraper and clear as a bell.

I had no idea I was talking quite so literally….

As of today this blog—all of you and me—have raised $980.00 to strengthen The Girl Effect and support 2000 girls in Bangladesh. Amazing (And it would be grand to surpass a grand). Some of you who have donated are strangers to me. I would love to thank you personally so please send me an email to let me know you have contributed so I can extend my thanks.

To read this campaign from the beginning click here, here, here, and here. And we are not alone. We are part of a bigger campaign sweeping across peoples hearts and blogs. To read over 150 bloggers posts on The Girl Effect visit Tara Sophia Moir’s, Wise Living Blog. To read how our campaign on this blog is changing the world meet my friend Pema Teeter the Story Charmer. The campaign on this site ends at the end of the day on Thanksgiving, so please make a contribution now (read below for gifts and other enticements):

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Lift Our Imaginations Out of Poverty

Matthew Stillman, blogging about The Girl Effect wrote,

The Girl Effect should continue doing its good and valuable work and making its important case. It will make a difference for some women. Maybe for even a lot of women. But the Girl Effect will not end poverty. It will not end poverty and cannot end poverty systemically because it does not address the root cause of poverty.

You can read his whole post on the subject here.

So there it is. This campaign may not lift these girls out of poverty and it may not lift poverty out of the world. But here is what it can do: It can lift our imaginations out of poverty, and in so doing give these girls opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have, and give ourselves a vision we wouldn’t otherwise know.  If we don’t start imagining the world we want to be part of, and living into that vision, guess what…it won’t be born.

We are the infinite universe given agency through minds and hearts and hands in this material world. We are the creative edge expanding the boundaries with our brilliance…or not. We get to choose. We get to notice the small little thoughts that are crowding our minds and getting in the way of all the great possibilities coming forward.

And we don’t have to be perfect or smart or talented or rich or anything to lift our imaginations out of poverty.  We simply have to listen to and honor our imaginations and light up the parts that sparkle us.

Writer and activist Paul Hawken said the following in his commencement address to the University of Portland (Read the whole speech here. You’ll be glad you did):

YOU ARE BRILLIANT, AND THE EARTH IS HIRING. The earth couldn’t afford to send any recruiters or limos to your school. It sent you rain, sunsets, ripe cherries, night blooming jasmine, and that unbelievably cute person you are dating. Take the hint. And here’s the deal: Forget that this task of planet-saving is not possible in the time required. Don’t be put off by people who know what is not possible. Do what needs to be done, and check to see if it was impossible only after you are done.

For a long time I wanted to save the world to escape my own discomfort. Finally I realized I could be present directly with my own discomfort and save myself. Through this path I now see that I can be present with the discomfort of others as well, and that the world doesn’t need saving—it is quite extraordinary and beautiful as she is.  But what I can do is love her, offer her my healing services, and re-imagine her in joy.

Marianne Elliott—who inspired me to join The Girl Effect campaign—wrote eloquently on her blog this week (you can read her whole post here):

And – perhaps most importantly of all – we can allow ourselves to keep feeling what we feel when we think about the situation of girls all over the world: whether that be sadness, overwhelm, guilt, or fear. By allowing ourselves to feel what we feel, and acting from that place of truthfulness and connectedness, we begin to change not only the external conditions that allow global injustice to continue but, even more powerfully, we begin to change the internal conditions of our hearts.

Because it is when we keep our hearts soft and open, it’s when we are willing to hold our seat in the company of those uncomfortable house-guests, that we can remember that we are indeed all connected.

We can go beyond believing we want to see things differently, and simply make it so. We can open our eyes and our hearts and create the world anew. Not for the future but for this very moment as it is right now.

I Dare You

I dare you to consider the possibility that you are the answer.

Gifts and Enticements to Raise More Money For Girls

The amount of money already raised through this site is incredible. The campaign officially ends at the end of the day tomorrow: Thanksgiving. But I’m going to extend two offers into next week since I’d love to see even more money go to these girls in Bangladesh:

  • Order the book Outside The Garden in the next week (through Wednesday, December 1) and 50% of profits will go toward the 2000 girls in Bangladesh. Outside The Garden is a beautiful, high quality printing limited edition, book of poems and paintings made by two sisters, the extraordinary artist Rosy Lamb and myself. It is a wonderful holiday gift to yourself or another. It is for sale on this website for $25.00.  For more information click here.
  • Hire me to help clarify your dilemmas, sort out your conundrums, resolve your conflicts and I’ll give 50% of the money I earn toward the 2000 girls in Bangladesh for the next week (through Wednesday, December 1).  What could be better? New doors open inside of you and new doors open inside these girls. To learn more about Simple Clarity Coaching click here. Our coaching session doesn’t have to actually take place in the next week, you just have to set it up and pay for it in the next week and 50% the money will go to spread The Girl Effect.

Thanks for joining this campaign and Happy Thanksgiving.

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