The Ladies of Love and the Sparkling Gents

I have been sparkling these past few weeks since launching the Love Sparks Blogging Festival. It looks like 30+ writers, teachers, coaches, creators, and brilliant folk will be participating.  I want to introduce you to just a few of them so you can begin to be inspired by what love sparks.

  • I already confessed my crush awhile back, but you still probably can’t imagine my delight in getting a big glowing YES returned to me from Kelly Diels after I asked if she would shine her radiance upon the Love Sparks Blogging Festival. Kelly Diels is the lucky charm over at her site Cleavage. Before she gives us her lovin’ on the 14th she is giving us new ways to bust through the barriers of love today in the form of a free chapter on fear-loving from her forthcoming book: Red Shoe Blogger.  I’ve only read a few pages so far but…I’m….well…I’m in love with this woman and wildly jealous of her prose I have great admiration for this woman and her words of wisdom.  Because she is speaking truth to heart.  She is inviting us into a conversation, a talk back, a Q and A with fear, not to give fear our power, but to give our heart a path.
  • This next week love is giving me a whole hour of attention through the form of Sandi Amorim, the one and only Deva Coach.  Sandi is so full of love at the moment she is giving it away. Do you need some deep listening and encouragement in your life? Who doesn’t? To read her All You Need is Love post and to see if she has free sessions still available click here.
  • Dear to my heart is the subject of embodiment, of what it means to live in my body and live as body. And not only what it means, but simply what it is to listen to my flesh and bones, to the silent talk of the sparkle and ache that is my experience, my life, moment to moment. My friend Julie Daley, in her unabashedly feminine way, is creating a book about embodiment. I can’t wait. To read her series introducing this you can click here, here, and here.
  • I cried as I watched a short clip of a new film by Aeisha Turman. The film is titled: The Black Girl Project. I have a deep desire to hear women’s voices and girls voices brought forward in the world. This project is doing this. Aeisha says the film “seeks to portray black girls as the complex beings they are.” She is raising money on kickstarter to help spread this spark farther. To learn more and contribute click here. And tune in to her site on February 14th for some #LoveSparks.
  • Jeanie Witcraft, self-proclaimed hippy therapist and twitter sparkler extraordinaire, is not only participating in the Love Sparks Blogging Festival but she is feasting on love for the entire month of February! She is planning to high-light people living the love, explore places of inner and out beauty, and bring us round to loving what we often distance from and dismiss.  Here is her first post on the topic: Thoughts on Difficult Love

These Ladies of Love are on fire and they are all ready to spark love within you on Valentine’s day. So don’t wait around hoping for a box of chocolates when you could be here filling yourself up with the real stuff!

And these ladies are only the beginning. The festival will be blessed with lots of lovely gent’s voices as well. I might not have gotten the festival off the ground if it wasn’t for Matthew Stillman who promised me he’d be there dishing out the love on the day.

I’m glowing with all of this. Not to mention last weekend I got to see for the first time a play by Taylor Mac (for whom I also have a terrific crush) He glowed. I glowed. I read an interview with him recently where the interviewer said that the first time he met Taylor Mac he couldn’t help himself, he leaned over and mentioned that he seemed to be sparkling. To which Taylor Mac replied,

Taylor Mac

“Darling, I’m Taylor Mac. It’s not an aura, its glitter. It’s what I look like the morning after all my performances. I wash and wash each night, but somehow….I still sparkle.”

Shine on all you glorious guys and gals and tune in February 14th for the Love Sparks Blogging Festival. And if you want to contribute to the love, by all means do. Get the festival details here.

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