Occupy your heart, art, earth. And these offerings.

I’ve been musing a lot about occupation lately. Yes, it has been inspired by Occupy Wall Street, but it isn’t all the folks camping in lower Manhattan or across the country in protest of egregious-money-business and government-too-big-and-greedy-to-be-good I’ve really been thinking about.

What I’ve been thinking about is how we occupy our heart, art, earth. How we stand in, or find our center of centers, and live from this place. And from here take gentle care of ourselves and offer our contributions to our communities.

The way I make it to this occupation is through listening.

And by listening I am not talking about noise entering your ear drum, but about spirit entering your soul, about open awareness resting in presence. When we arrive here, here in this place that we are, listening in such a way that we are connected to our heart, our art, our earth, life unfolds through magical movement.

When we listen to our inner quiet, the voices of our soul, we may realize it is our calling and our truth to pack our bags and head to NYC and stand side-by-side with others showing our support for a new way of doing business across our land, insisting we stop building our lives on sand.

Or we may realize it is our calling to curl up in the quiet of our house and make soup, write poems, stay still.

Soup, poems, and protests are all essential offerings when they are made from the center of our Heart, Art, Earth Occupation.


I’m lucky to be part of a large community exploring how to occupy our heart, art, earth.

Three offerings

As far as I’m concerned Kelly Diels is heart. And she soothes my heart. And reminds me to turn back to my truth in the most non-heavy-handed, sweet, story-filled, humorous way of just about anyone. How does she do it? With incredible prose. She stitches her way in to the seam of my heart with her art. And starting next Tuesday she is offering to teach you (over the course of a month) the skill of Artful, Heart-full Blogging.

Marianne Elliot has made this her life work and she understands and articulates as well as anyone I know what it means to begin and end your service in the world with self-care. Starting next week she is offering 30 Days of Yoga: Karma Edition. This means a hand-holding included opportunity to develop a home yoga practice and every bit of cash you offer up to make the commitment and the course goes to VERY GOOD CAUSES. Deadline is this coming Saturday so do your forward bend to dive in now.

I’m thirty-five years old. I don’t have children. My life isn’t set up for children (potential dads can call anytime/flexible employers or people with lots of cash please be in touch). Maybe if I don’t have a baby that will be okay. My life is full of children and art and joy as it is. But, maybe it won’t be okay. Maybe it will be the saddest thing I know in this lifetime? Know the feeling? If so you might be interested in Randi Buckley’s six week guided coaching program: Maybe, Baby. It starts a little later this month. Registration closes October 21.

I’d like to take all three of these courses but clearly my heart, art, earth would go out and protest if I took on everything at once (I know because I try this out on a regular basis and then have to live the results of the inner resistance!) and so I’m taking Artful, Heart-full Blogging and feel as if I’m about to get the back door pass to my favorite pageant.


Oh dear I can’t stop….another occupation that must be mentioned—if there is anyway you can move mountains or make arrangements to be in Amherst, MA this weekend (Oct. 14/15/16) you must make it to MUCK, a Surrealist Cabaret and Pumpkin Walk. And just to put this one in perspective…I moved to Northampton last March just to make sure when the Surrealist Cabaret came in October I’d be in the neighborhood.


Also, I recently went and occupied Vermont (seriously you should too, they need lots of help recovering from terrible Irene flood damage). It was not a moment of deep, introspective, quiet contemplation for me. It was the result of this deep listening…it was the pay off for trusting in my movements, my truth (and a flexible schedule). It was my one true calling for two weeks, the only place I wanted and needed to be. In the coming few weeks I’m going to share more of MyVermontIreneStory story with all of you.

What are you occupying lately?

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Marianne October 13, 2011 at 3:40 pm

Yes, lovely one, I do know that feeling. Both the feeling of having Kelly’s writing stitch its way into my heart and the feeling of not knowing whether not having a baby is going to be just fine, or the saddest thing ever. And I am so grateful to Randi and to Kelly for sharing their wisdoms with the world. And so grateful to you for including my course alongside them. I wish you much heartful, artful writing this month. And whatever else your spirit whispers.


Jasmine October 13, 2011 at 4:03 pm


I love this community of women I’m part of all over the world, waking up, dancing, coming home through yoga, writing, inquiry. I’m so glad you are part of it. I wish you a wonderful month of holding the space for so many yogis.


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