Coming Soon: A Digital Book to Revolutionize Your Inner Life

“Whoa!  I’m way jealous. This is the book I wish I’d written. Short, piercing to the core. Each page a reminder to touch back in to Center. Damn. I hate getting these reminders my soul so loves.”


“The challenge of conveying the deep wisdom available through the practice of listening using plain, rich, inspiring language capable of emotionally touching even the most cynical heart is a considerable one. To see such a feat accomplished and offered with consummate skill, elegance and artistic integrity, is to witness true genius at work. Jasmine Lamb’s new book, A Call to Listen: How to Begin an Inner Revolution, displays exactly this virtuosity.”

—Dr. Mark Brady, author of Right Listening, A Father’s Book of Listening, and The Wisdom of Listening, and author of the popular blog, The Committed Parent

My first weeks in mediation school I felt as if my tongue had split in two and been tied in a knot (and then swollen up). Everything coming out of my mouth felt awkward and artificial. I was trying to learn new communication skills and instead the words I attempted to get out stuck like peanut butter on the roof of my mouth.

I’d been told for the next year I was going to suppress my brilliant skill of giving advice and develop some other capacities of interaction.

First. I was going to learn to listen.

I wanted  so badly to succeed, be a good student, show off my reflective listening prowess, but instead I spent most of my time extracting my foot from my mouth.

The problem was I was trying to be a good listener. Instead of listening.

Then something shifted. Grace happened. I opened up to the receptive nature of my life and cells and started listening. I discovered that listening is its own reward.

Listening is not a way to succeed, manipulate, cajole, convince, it is a way to live.

Listening is alive. Listening is the state in which we meet one another as we are.

Listening, I am sure, is the dynamic movement of the universe.

Listening is love.

In this short, beautifully designed book A Call to Listen: How to Begin an Inner Revolution 1 , we go hand and hand into the mysterious delight of a life lived in listening.

This book will be released soon—as in—sometime in the coming months when I come out of online hiding.

The skills offered in this book will not only improve your relationship with yourself and others, it will offer you a great deal of good company.

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  1. This book was made beautiful to look at by Lisa Valuyskaya of Idea Stylist. To see a sneak peak of a few more pages click over to her site.
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Marlene November 29, 2012 at 8:50 pm

Hey, Jasmine-
your new book looks and sounds fabulous. Great work! Will enjoy reading it when it is ready. (read-y= readable??)


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