The danger of diving into the wrong questions.

I woke up this morning with a running commentary in my head that if I put in short hand would read like this:

desire, fear, desire, fear, desire, fear, desire, fear.

One of the quickest paths to fear is diving into the questions: What do I not have? What’s missing? What’s wrong?

And then we are off to the races and down the rabbit hole.

We as a culture are so conditioned in this direction we have the entirely warped notion that these are reasonable places to focus our attention. See for instance: the political dialogue, the medical establishment, the mental health industry, the media. I focus my attention in this direction all the time. And do you know where it gets me? Right smack in the middle of paralyzing, disgruntled misery. It gets me stuck right where I most don’t want to be.

And how do we crawl out of this hole and get some perspective, take in some joy?

We focus on what we’ve got going for us.

And if this means starting small, we start small.

“I’ve got a nice feeling in my left knee. I’m in my warm bed. I’ll have oatmeal for breakfast. The sun streaked blue on my wall is beautiful. I’ll just stay with this blue and let it sink in.”

And this isn’t small. This is big. Turning our attention to what is working, what feels good, what is here right now and okay, from here things change. Problems work themselves out. The light turns green. From here there is room to feel the ache, the wanting, the desires, without fear immobilizing us.

Go after what you want from deep inside your strength.


Want to deepen this skill? Hire me and I’ll help.

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