Some Analysis Can Kiss My Ass

“Some analysis suggests that human beings are not “commodities” or “resources”, but are creative and social beings in a productive enterprise.” 1

This sentence really cracks me up.

It is a manifestation of what is wrong with disembodied grown ups who’ve forgotten what they are living for, but are possibly trying to reconnect to it through the round about and highly suspect avenue of “some analysis”

What would this “some analysis” look like?

Would it look like being present in relationship to another person? Would it feel like grief when someone we love dies? Would it be like coming in contact with the mystery of our beings? Would we sense it like living and breathing? Would it involve making art? Would it mean planting a garden? Would it include song and dance? Would it take us to the wilderness?

Would it look like love?

Some analysis can kiss my ass. Be the mystery. Listen to humanity.



  1. I lifted this sentence from this Wikipedia entry. Even though I think this sentence is silly, I love Wikipedia.
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