The Joy of Naked Listening

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I’m going to undress you.

But first let me undress myself.

First I gave up being good. Not to be bad. But because good was exhausting.

I let go of being interesting, because boring was more true a lot of the time.

Time went by and I realized intellectual was over rated and I became simple, still smart sometimes, but no need to impress the sophisticates.

I unsophisticated myself. I spent more time in the garden, growing weeds and wondering over dirt.

Have you thought lately about what you were before you were born? Have you contemplated how naked you were when you were born?

I’m (deconstructing) undressing my identity and I dare you to as well.

I got over being insecure, not that this doesn’t arise because how could it not when we are such tender, naked creatures, but it isn’t the truth of my being. I wasn’t insecure before I was born and I won’t be once I’m dead. And in this moment it is only sensation and misunderstaning if it is anything at all.

I ache, oh how I ache, except for when I don’t.

And the more ideas I dropped (simple, boring, bad…these all must be questioned also) the more curious my life became. Yes, curious as in strange, perplexing, mysterious.

But also curious as in open wonder, as in opening my naked palms to the unknown, as in listening to the presence of this moment.

In fact, when I personally undeveloped myself all the way through, giving up on every idea I’ve ever had about me, about you and me, and us and them, about getting anywhere or achieving anything, all that is left is this: naked listening.

Not listening for the answer or the outcome, since these are simply new suits to wear, but as listening, listening as listening.

Simply because I am.

Because I am naked.

Because you are too underneath all your ideas about who you are.

Spend a moment, a month, a millennia in this open spacious place of presence and what will come to pass? I wonder?

For me it’s been an inner revolution.

Ready for your own undressing?

What’s important to you in this short life you have?

Now that I’ve stripped bare. Am standing here naked before you, it seems the right time to tell you I’ve made you something. A gift. An offering. To offer you company while you undress all the way down to naked listening.

A Call to Listen: How to Begin an Inner Revolution

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