A Call to Listen: How to Begin an Inner Revolution

This book is gentleness embodied from the words and tone to the design.—Matthew Stillman, Stillman Says

In this short little digital book you will learn to:

  • be with your experience (as in embrace it fully),
  • be with others (as in know them as they are, not as you think they should be),
  • and be human (as in embrace your full humanity).

And how you ask will I teach you all of this in one little book?

Simply by focusing on the most important skill and the nature of the universe:


The content is beautiful, heart gripping, vulnerable. It’s been written so eloquently, with so much tenderness. I have a feeling this book is going to help people immensely. –Ev’Yan Whitney, Sex Love Liberation

By clicking on the Buy Now button you can invest (for only $10.00) in the unknown of your listening heart.

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This is no 1-2-3, A-B-C kind of manifesto to simplify your life, solve your problems, or strengthen your already entrenched opinions. This book—if it does its job—will actually complicate your life, confuse your ideas about yourself, and create openness in your heart.

Whoa!  I’m way jealous. This is the book I wish I’d written. Short, piercing to the core. Each page a reminder to touch back in to Center. Damn. I hate getting these reminders my soul so loves. —Mark Brady, Ph.D., The Flowering Brain

Sounds like fun doesn’t it?

34 pages. All about Listening. Lots of Quotes.

Lots of Ideas and Support and Practices.

You know you want to complicate your small life by opening more fully to your big life so go for it, I dare you.

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A poetic and gentle invitation to open our hearts and ears to the powerful whispers of the silence. In this book, Jasmine Lamb conveys lessons so deeply rooted in our human ability to grow, heal, and evolve through the art of listening that she helps us “discover our inner ear, our innate capacity to hold ourselves open to what is real and let go of what is not”. A Call to Listen was a pleasure to read; a guiding hand awakening me to the revolutionary wisdom of silence. – Raam Dev

These days people want to know that what they invest in and give their time to will give them results! So here it is, what you can expect if you read this book carefully and lovingly.

  • Epiphanies. Who doesn’t love a good epiphany?
  • A greater capacity to listen to yourself and others. I’ve yet to meet someone who couldn’t use a little improving in this department (this includes me).
  • Better breathing. I’m telling you…listening deeply supports the nervous system which in turn supports the respiratory system which in turn allows more vitality in your body and can cure you of all your ills.
  • Better sex. I promise. You start listening deeply to yourself and to others and it is inevitable.
  • No Simple Solutions. This guide won’t solve your problems. But it will invite you, if you dare, to be curious about your life in ways you never imagined before.
  • Good company. I promise.

By clicking on the Buy Now button you can invest in the art of being human.

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“The challenge of conveying the deep wisdom available through the practice of listening using plain, rich, inspiring language capable of emotionally touching even the most cynical heart is a considerable one. To see such a feat accomplished and offered with consummate skill, elegance and artistic integrity, is to witness true genius at work. Jasmine Lamb’s new book, How to Begin an Inner Revolution: A Call to Listen, displays exactly this virtuosity.”

—Mark Brady, Ph.D. Author of Right Listening, A Father’s Book of Listening, and The Wisdom of Listening, as well as author of the popular internet blog, The Flowering Brain

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Barbara S. Nadel May 11, 2013 at 3:18 pm

Congratulations!!! Jasmine. I will be ordering the book and can’t wait to read it and to share it. Thank you for letting us all know. Barbara


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