This here is a home.

Yes, the earth we live on, the body you live in, and this site you’ve landed upon. Here we do a lot of mending and tending. We talk about trauma and resiliency, relationships and love, pleasure and pain, waking up and breaking up. We listen.

What we do here is intimate and at times it is hard. It is about being real and whole and sometimes hurt. But it can also be hilarious. And what we do here can often be very sweet, as we learn to love ourselves, love others, love the soil beneath our feet.

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What’s My Story?

I listen. This is the whole of my spiritual practice, the deepest call of my heart, the truth of my being. I listen to myself. I listen to you. I listen to the land and the blue.

I am a bodymindfulness therapist and teacher.

I support people to listen to themselves, and relax into who they are.  I sit with people who are overwhelmed, stressed, shut down, grieving, depressed, anxious, in conflict, in chronic pain, in transition, inspired to wake up, bloom, nourish themselves, inquire into the unknown, heal from trauma, find joy in ache, build resiliency, learn how to love, deepen their capacity to listen to themselves and trust their inner knowing.

I offer Healing Heart Sessions and Trauma and Stress Healing Sessions in person and by skype and also offer classes and retreats on occasion.

For many years I’ve studied with master teachers in the fields of spirituality, perceptual awareness, movement integration, psychology/counseling and communication. I’ve taught college level courses in interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, and critical thinking. I have extensive training and experience in mediation and conflict resolution, I’m a certified yoga instructor, and have completed my training to be a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, a psycho-biological approach to healing stress-states and trauma.

I am also a poet and with my sister, Rosy Lamb, we published the book Outside The Garden. This beautiful small print run book of poems and paintings is available for sale here.

To learn more about working directly with, me click here: Sessions With Jasmine

If you’d like to read about my training and how I’ve developed the work I do in more detail click here: Master Teachers and Inner Listening.

I live in Burlington, Vermont.

Be in Touch

I would love to hear from you. If you have a question, a thought, a comment, or want to learn more about working with me, please be in touch.

My address is: jasmine (dot) lamb (at) gmail (dot) com

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