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Outside The Garden is a book of paintings and poems by my sister Rosy Lamb and myself.  Rosy made the paintings and I made the poems and together we made the book.  We chose to publish the book ourselves so that we could have complete artistic oversight.  A small edition of 1500 books was made by Penmor Lithographers in the summer of 2008. The book is a soft cover.

Outside the Garden

Eve, as eyelids trembled open, lay
Awake, took in and let go air, without.
It seemed, in the sometime of night, the part
Of her that felt, that pulsed, had gone away
And left within a dullness and slight ache,
As if she were a fruit begun to rot.
Beside her Adam slept. She did not want
Nor not want him. She felt him stir awake
But didn’t turn to face him. Birds in their
First song of day existed, with the breeze
Against her cheek, in another world apart
From her, and she could only look upon it
With clouded eyes and faintly hope that she’s
Not going mad, but simply lost somewhere.

The cost of the book is $25 and $5 shipping in the USA.  If you would like the book sent outside the United States please send me an email (jasmine at allislistening dot com) and I’ll figure out what the shipping cost will be.

It has given me deep pleasure reading Outside The Garden. In fact, I have read “Eve Wanted God” so many times that I suspect it is now part of my DNA (along with my penchant for red wine and dark chocolate). —Susan Mann

Below is a short film by Jean Claude Berger documenting Rosy Lamb’s opening for her show which shared the “Outside the Garden” title with the book. The show was at Galerie Pangée in Montreal, Canada, September 2008. The show features paintings on plaster of me and others sleeping. During the opening I slept in a bed in the gallery and then woke and read my poems.