Flower and Swan

Coming Home to our Physical Presence and Well Being

In this series we will explore embodied movement. We will focus less on our outward form and come instead to tune our movements with breath, gravity, space, stillness, flow, and the meeting point of relationship.  We will listen to our own doing and undoing.

This class will be gentle and deep, graceful and curious. It is ideal for beginning yoga students who want a safe and grounded practice to begin, and also for long time yoga students who want to revitalize the life in their practice.

All levels welcome.  Drop-ins welcome. Tamworth Recreation Department program.

Tamworth Town House, Cleveland Hill Road, Tamworth, New Hampshire

Tuesdays from 6:00 – 7:30 P.M.. October 5 – December 14

Cost : $10.00 a class/$7.50 for people under 18.

Jasmine Lamb is a certified yoga teacher and student of movement and listening. Her teaching is rooted in her own evolving daily movement practice.  Her teaching style emphasizes listening deeply and trusting your own experience. To learn more about Jasmine’s work read her Teaching and Mentoring page.

Photo from aussiegall’s photostream.

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