Sessions with Jasmine

Geraniums in a window

“Jasmine inspires me to be myself and feel comfortable with who I am maybe more than anyone else I know.” –Sophie

I currently offer two types of sessions: Healing Heart Sessions and Trauma and Stress Healing Sessions. Click on the links to learn more about what these sessions look like and how they may best support you. While the Healing Heart Sessions often place more attention on interpersonal issues and life transitions and the Trauma and Stress Healing Sessions tend to focus on specific trauma and stress events, in truth when you work with me, your session will become your own and we will collaborate in bringing attention where it will support you most in the present.

To learn more about my background and style of practice please check out: This Here is a Home

“Talking with Jasmine helps me become aware of what it is I want and what is important to me.  This empowers me to let go of the stress of trying to manage situations and instead take action from my center.” — Sarah

“Jasmine is one of those rare people who not only really listens, but understands what listening really is.   Working with Jasmine was one of the best investments I ever made.”–Lee

“It opened up many wonderful levels of “me”. What an amazing exploration this process is, and I’m certain I’d still be unconscious and uncomfortably playing the ‘good girl’ role to the best of my ability if I hadn’t had the opportunity and the welcome feeling that you and Caryn offered, to just BE with what is/was.” –LJB

Jasmine Lamb is a High Priestess at The Church of Slow. Jasmine Lamb of All is Listening who fills each moment of space that you share with full attention. If you wonder what really being heard can do for you…hire her.  –Matthew Stillman

And in praise of slow, sure transformation, there is Jasmine Lamb. Jasmine reminds me of a dear friend who has photographed trees over time. People have remarked to her that it looks like the trees are dancing. Her response: “How do we know they are not dancing in their growth, moving in tree time?” She added, “They could be doing the Running Man and we’d never notice because we’re watching too fast.” Jasmine creates at the speed of life, slowed down enough to hear the sounds in between and the messages in movement. Evolution speaks and she listens. –Pema Teeter